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IGL Aberdeen

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IGL was commissioned to review the design and operation of the Hydrofiner No. 2 plant and the Propane De-Asphalting Unit.

In both cases the method of approach was similar.   Current plant operating performance was determined by conducting plant trials.   All equipment items were evaluated to determine current performance relative to the original design.  The absence of key data for many equipment items and the variance in fluid compositions from the original design , necessitated a pragmatic approach using sound engineering judgement rather than definitive engineering design.

Traditional fully detailed de-bottlenecking calculations were not appropriate.  A high level hydraulic and thermal capacity estimate was made to focus on key limiting equipment items.

Potential increases in plant capacity were identified via minimum modifications and changes in operation.

Predicted gains were verified by further plant trials following the completion of minor piping and control system modifications.

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BP Oil Refinery, Kwinana

BP Oil Kwinana Refinery forecast increased market demand for specific refinery product streams.    The project objectives were to identify potential changes in operation and minimum modifications to increase plant capacity.

Added Value

IGL identified changes in operation and minor control system modifications to the Hydrofiner plant to increase product rates by 50%.  The payback for the modifications was less than six months.

Similarly, IGL identified the two main bottlenecks of the Propane De-Asphalting Unit.  Product rate increases of 15% were achieved via changes in operation with no capital expenditure on modifications.


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