How IGL Grades

IGL’s experience and expertise in grading investment diamonds have gained the respect and attention of people from all over Australia. Our stringent grading process involves the following:

How Independent Gemmological Laboratory Grades Diamonds?

An IGL Diamond Certificate Guarantees the Value of Your Diamond Investment

For most Australians, buying a diamond is a once in a life-time event. And we understand that this process is full of anxiety as many jewelers in the market tend to rob you of the value you deserve (by using fraudulent means) so just they can profit more. 

Our aim is to take that stress and anxiety off you. IGL’s years of experience and expertise in the industry will help you make sure that you are getting your money’s worth in your investment diamond. Once you you have a diamond certification from IGL, you can rest assured that your diamond has been thoroughly tested and graded using the latest equipment and world class standards.