IGL Diamond Certification

Your IGL Diamond Certification is a document that describes all of the characteristics of your diamond — colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. Our expert and experienced gemmologists use sophisticated equipment and modern technology to make sure that your IGL Diamond is accurate and reliable.

Why is it Important to Get a Diamond Certification?

A diamond certification is important because it verifies the qualities of the diamond that you are getting. Without an accurate and reliable IGL Diamond Certificate, you will never know whether or not the seller is telling the truth. With a diamond certificate, you will know for certain that what you are buying is real and not man-made.

Diamond is not cheap. A diamond certificate ensures that you are getting your money’s worth.   

Diamond Clarity Grading - Independent Gemmological Laboratory

The Difference Between a Certified and Non-Certified Diamond

It’s easier to trust a certified diamond especially if its diamond certificated came from a reputable lab like IGL. Certified diamonds have been thoroughly evaluated by a professional gemmologist who has the experience, tools, and technology needed to grade diamonds accurately.

Non-certified diamonds, on the other hand, are harder to trust because you have no way to tell if its weight, cut, colour, and clarity are true.

Get Your IGL Diamond Certification Today

The procedures used by IGL to grade diamonds are designed to achieve the utmost accuracy. Each diamond is subject to the scrutiny and analysis by a renowned diamond grader and gemmologist. The diamond grading report details the IGL’s authoritative assessment of a diamond’s colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

What’s more, since IGL is not affiliated with any retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer, you gain extra peace of mind knowing that your IGL report represents the impartial opinion of unbiased professionals.